Hi, I am Stephanie!

Your Product Leadership Coach

 I empower product companies to deliver value for customers and the organization by coaching Product Managers and Product Leaders to accelerate their capabilities and to grow.

Product Leadership is hard!

Do you feel stretched sometimes? Are you struggling between hands on product work and setting overall product direction for your product? Is your team growing and you feel more often like a bottleneck and less like a product leader? Did you get your product where it is organically through the efforts of your amazing team? Did you follow a “learning by doing” approach but now you feel stuck? 

Then this is the perfect time to grow your product leadership capability and set up your team for future success!

As experienced product leader and certified business coach, I work with you to develop a plan to achieve your goals. In contrast to discussions with colleagues or friends, coaching discussions follow a clear coaching matrix that helps you noticeably with progress. Start your journey now! 

My Offer


Coaching for Product Leaders and Product Managers to accelerate their career and take the short cut to becoming more successful.


Is your company product-led? My self assessment helps you to identify your blind spots and learn how to focus your company on delivering value.


Read my in depth articles from >20 years in tech, building products in waterfall, scrum, kanban, autonomous teams, holocracy ...

My Articles

Learn how to coach as a leader

Originally I wanted to call the article Guidance for the Lazy Manager. But that sounds nasty and doesn’t really apply. It’s more about appreciative leadership.

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