Your Product Leadership Coach

Hi, I am Stephanie.

In A Nutshell

I am in love with product management. My experience spans from fortune 500 to startups and from eCommerce to B2B SaaS. Together with my husband I once founded my own startup – a wine recommendation engine. Since 2021 I am certified Integral Coach. 

My Strength

An innovative mindset combined with a structured way of thinking and acting. | A “get things done” mentality. | Experienced to work under pressure/multi-task. | Coaching and Mentoring peers and co-workers.

My Mission

I empower product leaders to establish a culture where teams build products that delight customers and deliver value to the business. 

I do that by being an invisible companion for product leaders to  enable them to grow their capabilities and become the leader they want to be. 

About Stephanie

I am passionate about building products. In the past 12 years I’ve built B2B SaaS products for PayPal and was leading crossfunctional high performing product teams at Contentful. In my last role as Head off Product Operations my talented agile coaches and I were supporting 14 product teams to become empowered teams, focussing on the delivery of customer value, while meeting business needs.

Beside that I gained insights into the world of B2C when working in product functions for Spreadshirt (PM)  and Amorelie (CPO) and also co-founded (and successfully sold) my own startup 3Weine. 

My strength is to think big, but narrow the important things down in a pragmatic manner. I’d rather test and learn fast, instead of building picture perfect ideas, that fail on the market. At the same time I keep the long term goal in mind. I focus on what matters, while collaborating crossfunctional. 

I enjoy helping  others to leave their comfort zone, gain self-confidence and accelerate their career. 


I am married and mom of four kids between 6 and 19. I love hiking, take a walk with my Labrador and baking cakes. I read lots of books each year and spent most of the summer in our garden close to Berlin. My biggest dream is to own a little cottage in Cornwall somewhere close to the coastal path.