How Product-Led is your Company?

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What does Product Lead mean? Do you have a clear idea? Can you assess how product driven your company is? When you are focussing on your daily work it’s often not easy to zoom out. There is a certain awareness of ongoing challenges like overfloating backlogs, uncertainty when it comes to prioritization, ongoing discussions with stakeholder, wishlists from customers. This list goes on and on. I can help you to gain a better understanding about the state of your organization and draw conclusions so you can develop an action plan so you can start your companies transformation to a product led organization.

Self Assessment

Assess how Product led your organization is

An Easy 10-Minute Self-Assessment

Sometime we just need to get things started. We just don’t know where. I’ve developed an easy questionnaire that shouldn’t take longer than 10 Minutes. You can either fill it our by yourself or in a collaborative open discussion with your team or ask several people in your organization to answer the questions and then compare and discuss the results. 

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Get My Personal Support

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With more than 12 years experience in product I’ve bring a deep knowledge about the patterns of product led organizations. It usually takes only a few meeting for me to gain a good understanding of the shape of your organization and create insights and actionable plans for you to improve your organizations understanding of building products and delivering value. Schedule a free intro-session with me, so we can discuss your needs!


Self Assessment

Use the questionnaire to get a first idea about the state of your organization. 


Review and Guidance

Book a call with me to learn how to use your results and develop a plan how to transform your teams. 


achieving your goals

Either start by yourself or get my support in order to make the transformation successful . 

My mission is to help companies and Product People to thrive.

Lets start building Products that delight customers!