Learn how to leave your comfort zone and accelerate your career.

Join my 6-week coaching program and learn how more about your skills and how to achieve your career goals.

The 1:1 Coaching Program is right for you if you are

...a product leader

struggling to build a high performing team, deliver a product that delights customers, coach your team and or to evangelize your vision.

...ready for your next step

you waited long enough to get promoted or land your dream job? Lets figure out how to achieve your goals!

...eager to become a PM

This job sounds like a dream job but you have no idea if its the right job for you? Lets look at your skills and your career goals.

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About the program

In my 6-Week Coaching Program for (future) Product Manager you will gain self confidence, solve your challenges and get an intense 1:1 coaching that prepares you for your next promotion, or your future dream job. In this coaching you will: 

  • Understand your Product Management Skills
  • Create a plan for your personal future 
  • Built a personal Growth Plan
  • Plan for continuous improvement