Accelerate Your Career!

At which stage of your product management career are you? Ready to step up? Based on my experience in <12 years in product and product leadership I designed a simple test that helps you to gain insights you need to boost your career.

Take my Product Skills Test and test your strengths & capabilities and learn how to accelerate your growth!

The guide to accelerate your career!

Test your skills

The test takes no longer than 5 minutes and will be evaluated personally by me. That why it may take 2-3 days to get the results.


You can use the skills for personal use or to refine the findings and next steps in a personal coaching session with me.


Get 360 Degree views in a structured and meaningful way. Just ask a colleague or your boss to answer the questionnaire too, so you can compare the results

Do you want to accelerate your career? Get access here.

About the tool

As a Leader I was always asked to coach my Product Manager and help them to grow. My direct reports always wanted to know how to get promoted, grow into a leadership position and which skills to improve. I often struggled to give immediate answers. I was so busy and never had the time to come up with a clear and structured approach. After 2 years I felt that its time for a change and developed a tool that helped me to assess my direct reports depending on their level and get structured feedback from peers and stakeholders. Suddenly I was able to clearly communicate my expectations and give guidance to my talents.