Your Path To A Product Led Company

Hi, I'am Stephanie. My passion is to help companies to build products that delight customers. I've spend multiple years building teams and helping companies to become Product-Led. Based on my past experience I created a questionnaire that helps you to assess how product led your organization is today. Just leave your eMail and get access to the assessment.

The Test To Asses Your Company

Max. 10 Minutes Effort

The test consists of 36 easy to answer questions that help you determine that state of your organization.

Immediate Results

Get your results in real time at the end of the questionnaire in order to understand to which extend your organization is product led.


Decide what next. Either use the results to start transforming your org by yourself or get in touch with me to discuss how to achieve your goals faster.

Do you want to build products that delight customers? Start now!

About the tool

As a Leader I was always asked to coach my Product Manager and help them to grow. My direct reports always wanted to know how to get promoted, grow into a leadership position and which skills to improve. I often struggled to give immediate answers. I was so busy and never had the time to come up with a clear and structured approach. After 2 years I felt that its time for a change and developed a tool that helped me to assess my direct reports depending on their level and get structured feedback from peers and stakeholders. Suddenly I was able to clearly communicate my expectations and give guidance to my talents.