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There is no “one size fits all” training, program or coaching. Depending on your background, your expertise and your challenges, you deserve a personalized experiences that helps you to leave your comfort zone and grow. 

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your invisible companion

Product Leadership is an awesome job. I myself was desperately working towards becoming a product leader. It was the natural next step on my career after being a senior product manager building global products for more than 7 years. Back then I had this romantic idea of what product leadership is. I dreamed about mentoring and coaching talents, crafting visions, scaling teams, evangelizing the product story. 

Reality was different. It was not nearly as appealing as I thought it is. It was more like a bumpy road. I learned that I had to cross a chasm to transition from an individual contributor role to a leadership role. I struggled to find my identity as a leader, be authentic, zoom out of daily business, evangelize the vision and manage stakeholder. It was a new dimension and a challenge. A good one but also huge. “I wish I had an invisible companion on my side that helped me to learn faster, prevent failures others made before already and to gain the self-confidence needed in this job. A person that helped me to reflect but challenged me at the same time. A sparring partner and a teacher. A person who has been were I am actually. 

If you seek are in a similar situation this is the right place for you. I can become your invisible companion. I will help you to overcome your challenges faster and take the right path to success. 


"I wish I had a coach who would have helped me overcome obstacles and to become the leader I wanted to be."

Stephanie Leue

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Product Leader

I help you to become the leader that builds product led organizations and high performing teams.

Being a Product Leader is a stretch. It’s a mixture between firefighting, decision making, coaching and visionary work and many leaders struggle to zoom out of the daily business to assess the state of their product organization. 

Are your teams asking for a vision? Do you and your teams struggle to deliver value to your customers? Do your stakeholders throw features over the fence and expect you to draw Gantt charts? Are your teams to big, not autonomous? Do you feel like being a bottleneck for product teams?

As an invisible companion I shadow you and help you to zoom out of your daily business, create a clear plan how to improve your product setup and empower your teams to deliver more value. In individual coaching sessions we assess the main challenges and develop solutions in a very short period of time. 


Avoid Mistakes

I have been where you are and I know what got you here won’t get you there. Avoid mistakes that other product leaders made already and take the short cut. 


Build Better Products

Focusing on your new role and detach yourself from being a bottleneck helps you to accelerate your growth and lead your teams to build better products. 


Gain Self Confidence

Struggling is part of Product Leadership  and sometimes its hard to zoom out and believe that you are on the right path. I am your invisible companion and will be there for you whenever you need me!

Get My Personal Support

Product Manager

I help you to understand your skills, design your future career and leave your comfortzone in order to grow​

Being a product manager is tough. Do you miss a clear learning path?  Are you struggling to get promoted? Are you sometimes wondering whether you are a good product manager? Is your personal backlog full of unread book s about product management? Have you ever had the impression to get no products through the door? Are you tired of endless discussions with your stakeholder?  Well, you are not alone! With only a few coaching sessions or a well structured coaching program I can help you to get clarity on your role, draw your pain for the future and get rid of imposter syndrome and kickstart your personal career.  I offer individual coaching tailored to your needs or a 6-Week coaching program created for the specific needs of ambitious product manager. Get more Information about my program here. 

My mission is to help companies and Product People to thrive.

Lets start building Products that delight customers!


Assess how Product led your organization is

An Easy 10-Minute Self-Assessment

Sometime we just need to get things started. We just don’t know where. I’ve developed an easy questionnaire that shouldn’t take longer than 10 Minutes. You can either fill it our by yourself or in a collaborative open discussion with your team or ask several people in your organization to answer the questions and then compare and discuss the results.