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Product Led - Assessment

Many companies want to become product led these days. But how do you know where you are on your journey? Take my test and get started.

Product Skill Analysis

What kind of product leader or manager are you? Learn how to accelerate your growth as a product leader. My skill analysis helps you to identify your personal strength!

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Ben Foster

Build what Matters

One of the best book  to learn more about product outcomes vs. Business outcomes and how to deliver value to customers and business. I recommend to read this article from Hope Gurion in addition. 

Marty Cagan


Classic. I am sure you’ve read Inspired. Empowered is the next level. If you do not want to read the full book I recommend to start with Marty Cagans / SVPG Blog. All chapters from the book are available online too

Melissa Perry

Escaping the Build Trap

This is what we all dream of, isn’t it? Delivering true value instead of just deliver what stakeholders and customers add to our backlog? This book gives quite many answers on how to do it. I suggest to read this article from Katie Saindon in addition.

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Questions my clients discuss with me

There are a couple of indicators, that might help to figure out how product led a company is. You can take my test and get a good understanding which questions to ask yourself or when applying to a new job. 

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Many products suffer from imposter syndrome and struggle to accelerate their career. Most of them rather wait for the next promotion instead fo take an active role. In a personal coaching session we can figure out what you need to do to move on. 

Training is a big topic for many PMs and most of us strive to learn as much as we can. Depending on your skills and career goals I am happy to create a personalized growth plan with you.